About the Artist

Agamjot Singh, born in Ottawa, Canada in 1991, discovered his passion for art at the tender age of 3, experimenting with gouache paintings and ballpoint pen drawings.

Growing up, he expressed his creativity through witty cartoon characters and collage volumes, a nod to his early influences and unconventional ideas. Under the guidance of his grandfather, Bill Buchanan, he learned the art of painting, starting with a dark canvas and gradually adding colors to bring his imagination to life.

During his high school years, Agamjot immersed himself in hip-hop culture, drawing inspiration from street artists in his neighborhood. This period ignited his interest in graffiti art, where he mastered color harmony, design, and lettering, eventually selling his vibrant canvases to classmates.

After joining the sales department at DeSerres fine art store, Agamjot connected with fellow artists, curators, and clients, expanding his horizons in abstracts, calligraphy, portraits, and bold brushwork. His works found their way into local venues, thanks to the support of local curators, reflecting the eclectic Ottawa Visual Art and Spoken Word scene.

Following a period of soul-searching and embracing the Sikh lifestyle, Agamjot furthered his artistic journey at the Ottawa School of Art, where he embraced Fauvism and Post-Impressionism, unwittingly carving his niche as a "Modern-Post-Impressionist" painter, with Buddha as his muse. Here he also explored sculpture, collage, drawing, and colour theory. 

Relocating to Toronto in 2016, he continued to evolve his style. Combining his passion for art with his environmental studies, he now exclusively uses 100% Natural Earth Paint, reflecting his commitment to sustainability. In 2019, he began to explore the art form of creative writing, screenwriting, and prose.

Today, Agamjot Singh's artworks stand as vibrant expressions of his unique blend of Modern-Post-Impressionism, capturing landscapes, figures, and abstract expressions with a harmonious palette and a reflection on the natural world. His works are held in private collections in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Agamjot also works as a graphic designer providing creative services alongside his original fine art.