A reflection from the past, for the present.

It has been several days since my last entry. I sit in my hut, writing to create a marker in time of my experience here on the Island of Tahiti. The world is gripped in fear of a virus that may have its origin in the tampering of human manipulation. Every continent bands together in an effort to limit the spread of this fear inducing virus. It spreads like fire.

I, alone in my hut, can hear the sounds of tropical rain birds singing their songs outside my window. The ocean kisses the beach close by. I taste the salty dew drops in the ocean air.  This garden paradise, in which I reside, is lush with life. An abundance of colorful fruits bless the landscape. Banana yellow, pink, lime green, berry blue. Flowers that could exist in heaven. 

"The Garden of Eden". I believe that is where we shall return. A beautiful balance of nature and human ingenuity. Every plot of land maintained. Ecosystems of ornamental harmony and nourishing produce for human delight and benefit. How can we not end up there? Our technology will only serve us if it takes us closer to an equilibrium of progress AND naturalism. If it fails to do so, the human spirit ever strives for what it requires to be whole. Every inch of the way, evolving towards unity with "The Source". With nature. With progress.

This is a pivotal time in our history, where humanity is faced with the choice of natural compassion, community and truth. We must face our ancient history on planet earth. The boat, which caries us through space, is our life raft in a cosmic abyss, filled with light and darkness. We make this trip together as a human family. We survive our egoistic attacks on one another and our failed plights of dissatisfaction. Only together can we build an honest future in which humans are truly free. 

Every-night, when the sun sets on the turquoise horizon, I sit and look at the stars from outside my thatched roof hut. The blackness of night submerges our lonely island in the South Pacific. Stars light like lamps to guide us. A map of infinity appears, and I gaze in amazement. Other worlds stretch into forever while my feet grip into the sand of our lonely island. I can hear the ocean lapping on the shore, but the night only lets me see when the moon caresses her waves. Looking out into her darkness, I feel I'm sinking. The depth of this great water makes me so small. I return to my hut for warm sleep. Another night passes on our lonely island.

I awake to a golden dawn. A myriad of colors reflects from the ocean surface. My hut is bathed in golden light and I can see the blue-green horizon once again. I open my door and walk out to the sandy soil. A canopy of palms sways peacefully in the breeze by the shore. 

Towards my fenced garden yard, fresh yellow coconuts await me on a small green palm tree. I grab my hook and reach the branches, retrieving several fruits. My coconuts keep me healthy and young. They are a great gift from the Creator for us Island dwellers. I place them in a basket and walk further into the yard. I pick a bushel of Guava. Green-yellow-pink, their fragrance is the finest you have ever smelt. They are sweet and sour, full of life and freshness. 

 These fruits emit the same dreamy colors I use on my canvas. How can this life not be but a dream? What is color? What is fruit? What a glorious dream we have been given - To create within. We may create tragedy or paradise. The choice is ours. We are the channel of divine creativity. We harness the power of collective consciousness. We have been trained, beaten, reared, made to believe we are cattle. With no mind of our own, we are easily fooled into accepting a single perspective of reality a small group of individuals has chosen for our collective future. How could this be? Is this not another dream? Or a nightmare. We must awake. We must see the beauty around us. The opportunity. To grow our world into a glorious oasis. This is our destiny. We MUST find a way.

 A wild horse grazing attracts my attention to the forest path beyond my gate. I head into the untamed jungle. An exotic resort made by God. Bananas of many colors grow freely, yellow, blue, red. I tread the path beneath the canopy of green trees.  Birds fly from branch to branch above me. I pass by many vibrant yellow and pink, pink flowers. I enter deeper and deeper into the brush. I come to a clearing. A small water fall pouring over rocks into a light blue spring of water. A silent peace fills the area. The sound of trickling water draws me closer. I take off my sandals and dip my feet into the cooling water. The sun breaks through the leaves and warms my face. I am one with everything.

 From: 1901

To: 2020

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