Why you should frame art?

People ask all the time, does a painting need a frame”? My personal opinion: YES.

Although, its not the frame that makes the artwork. The art is enhanced by the addition of a good quality frame. The visual boundary between the work and the wall allows the viewers eyes to fully appreciate the art as its own entity. A painting hung without a frame looks somewhat unfinished. However, there are exceptions to the bohemian” shelf canvas that sits like a nude model waiting to be noticed. Itsrough edges bare and unapologetic. A gallery sized canvas also looks great on its own. It is naturally framed by its thick sides protruding from the wall.

The colour or shade of the frame plays an important role. For Impressionistic artwork in general, I prefer a white frame, as it allows the bright vivid colours of the painting to really pull forward. The white border accentuates the colour within the canvas. Some may disagree, stating that black is more appropriate for this effect. However, Ive noticed that white brings the overall brightness of the painting to another level, whereas the black frame will pull the dark values forward. Perhaps the light reflecting off the white frame offers an ephemeral glow to the work?

Western Thought

16”x20” Acrylic on canvas 2016

 When hanging a piece of art in a home, cafe or gallery, the curator must keep in mind what type of venue (s)he will be exhibiting in. What kind of interior design will it coincide with? Does the art have a radical expression that calls for a more minimal frame? Does the frame require a more extravagant design and motif to elaborate the classical aesthetic of the work? Is the art of royal demeanour and will be embellished with by gold frame? There are many different elements to incorporate in deciding which frame is best. I personally think frames act as an extension of the work, and influence the expression of its statement. Composing a work with the right frame makes all the difference in the viewing experience.  For the sake of the artist, adding a frame increases the overall price value of the art. This is something to consider.

 Frames have been used since the time of ancient Egypt and potentially earlier ages. The frame has been respected for its ability to elaborate the luxurious quality of art. As a luxury good”, art has always been sought after as a type of antiquity and historical collectors item, sometimes appreciating in value through time. When visiting art galleries or museums, the original frame may still be fashioned with the painting on display. This speaks volumes to the art of frames in of themselves. If it was of no aesthetic or historical value, the precious artwork would have been reframed with a modern, sturdy frame of today. Why is it that the original frame remains? Is it not just an aged piece of wood? This is often overlooked.

If you wish to frame your own artwork with a high quality, economic option, I highly recommend #DeSerres fine art standard + gallery size frames. They come in a variety of shades and are made of good quality wood or plastic. Although I have yet to design my own frames, it may be something I explore in the future. For the time being, I continue to paint.