Live Stream Art Studio Tour

Due to COVID-19, art collectors now have a limited ability to peruse art galleries in major metropolitan areas. Many have taken to the internet to find and learn about new artists. Although, those of us in the art world love gallery going, the modern machinations of the internet have allowed thousands of artists to share their work online. Being an artist myself, I am grateful for the ability to freely share, promote and sell my work via the world wide web, for FREE. Well, almost free (website + internet costs).

In the era of many classical and modern art movements, the cost of marketing ones work was paid to the much needed art dealer”. The artist worked their life away while the art dealer networked, marketed and, at times, advertised the artists work. This was supplemented with visits to the artists studio by potential buyers. This is know as a studio tour. The art collector and/or patron would learn about the artists process, their subject matter, persona, philosophy and the kind of materials they worked with. Anything they could learn from the artist in person. This act of visiting a personal space of creation was one of interest and inquiry. A crucial step in selling the art.

Today the studio tour remains just as important to artists around the globe. Communicating in a creative environment, sharing freely about ones work and discussing unique insights with collectors has priceless value for both parties. Through the miracle of technology, anyone with a smart phone can perform this exact formula via social media and the internet. Jumping into a live stream publicly or privately allows an artist to digitally tour their studio in front of an audience. The artist talks up their work, showcases their best pieces and gives unique access to their creative space. An exclusive view of the artists treasure.  A few tools an artist should consider investing in are a tripod, light and a good table-top or traditional easel for showcasing their work.

This free service is most valuable now more than ever as we all remain locked down within a global pandemic. Our need to socialize has become imperative. As technology allows us to communicate across large distances, we have become isolated in our organic self-expression. This unfortunate situation has taken its toll on many. As we persevere, we must do what we can to stay social by using our devices, being present with family, taking regular walks in the neighbourhood, outdoor or living room yoga classes, and of course, connecting with our art community. 

 Through the ages, artists have created in times of peril and great discord. Through mass change and political upheaval, art has continued. All that is beautiful has persevered and that which is beautiful must be preserved. I implore investors, collectors, patrons and art lovers to connect with your art community on a regular basis. Engage artists by learning from their studio tours. Discover hidden gems you hadnt known existed. Art is a treasure of the souls expression and the minds genius. This beautiful thing can now be shared virtually across the pond, through space and time.